Funeral Directors in Paris: Discover the Complete Price Guide

Sometimes, choosing a funeral company is a necessity when organising a funeral. However, given the different prices offered by these companies, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best company. To help you effectively, a guide is important. So please consult the guide to the prices of a funeral pump in Paris.

Price of a burial or cremation

The price of a burial is not the same as a cremation. According to the confederation of funeral and marble professionals, the average price of a cremation is 4300 euros. For a burial, the price is 3800 euros. Please note that sometimes these prices include the conservation of the deceased which can amount to 300 or 500 euros. This price includes the cost of dressing, hairdressing and make-up.

The purchase of a coffin and the hire of a hearse are essential. For example, an oak coffin can be sold for 1100 euros. If this price is too high for you, it would be better to choose a pine coffin instead of an oak coffin, without choosing the padding. The rental of a hearse without a driver is estimated at either 350 or 450 euros. If you wish to hire this vehicle with a driver, the price will be 600 euros.

If you wish to hire a funeral consultant, you will need to budget 250 euros. Sometimes additional costs may be added. Police call-outs also have to be paid for. This can cost between 20 and 25 euros depending on the municipality. This sum must be paid to the public treasury by the undertaker.

Price of a burial plot

To bury the deceased, a plot of land is essential. This small space is called a burial plot. This space can have a minimum area of 2m 2. If the deceased is 15 years old, you must pay 136 euros for the plot. For a deceased person in his or her thirties, the price of the plot is set at 294 euros. For a fifty-year-old and a perpetual, the price is set at 784 euros and 4002 euros respectively.